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Kosch Balehandler 6-Bale or 8-Bale Hauling Unit


balehandler 1

The Kosch Balehandler is offered as either a 6-bale or 8-bale hauling unit. The Balehandler can gather, accumulate, transport, and unload round bales from the hay field. It can also retrieve the round bales later and transport the baled hay to a feeding location.

The heavy-duty conveyor chain is designed to be gentle with net-wrapped bales but can retrieve bales that are frozen to the ground or have deteriorated from long-term weather exposure. This unit is equipped with a heavy-duty straight pickup arm that will withstand any loading conditions. It can be supplied with a winged quarter turn arm that will retrieve bales by operating the balehandler in the same direction that the baler worked the field.

All operations are accomplished with hydraulic control levers from the seat of your tractor. Additional floatation is achieved by providing 8 tires in place of 4 tires.

Balehandler Specs


6 Bale

8 Bale

Tractor Requirments

100 HP or Higher


3-Bank Hydraulic System, Minimum


14GPM @ 2100 PSI


Improved Hydraulic Lift system

Bed Length

31 Feet

41 Feet

Bed Height

36 inches

Weight – Unloaded

5750 lbs

6050 lbs

– Tounge Weight

1000 lbs

1090 lbs

Conveyor Chain

Heavy Duty #2082 Roller Chain

Tire – 4 or 8

11LX158 Ply Implement


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Kosch Balehandler Options

Option 1: Lugged chain or smooth chain on main rails

balehandler option 1

Option 2: Quarter turn arm to turn bales 90 degrees from baler exit

balehandler option 2 quarter turn arm