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Haymaster Hydro / Haymaster PTO


Haymaster 3-Point Mount

haymaster trail mower

Haymaster Trail Mower

Kosch Manufacturing offers four models of the Haymaster pitmanless sickle bar mower. The HM7 is a single-bar trail mower with a 7-foot sickle bar. The HM9 is a single-bar trail mower with a 9-foot sickle bar. The HM3P7 and HM3P9 are 3-point mounted mowers with a 7-foot and 9-foot sickle bar respectively.

The pitmanless drive gives extended maintenance-free field hours. Downtime and maintenance costs are reduced by the reduction in the number of moving parts. Cutting knives are available with top-serrated or under-serrated sections.

The Haymaster is equipped with the SCH Pro-Drive Knife Drive. This drive has absolute linear knifehead movement with no loss of stroke and is nearly maintenance-free. The drive runs quiet because all moving parts are always in rotation.

Haymaster Specs

Sickle DrivePlanetary Gear Box,3 3/8 inch Stroke

SpecHM7, HM3P7HM9, HM3P9

Tractor PTO


Planetary Gear Drive

“C” Section V-Belt

Sickle Drive

Planetary Gear Box, 3 3/8-in Stroke

Strokes per Minute


Length of Stroke

3 3/8 inches

Bar Length

7 feet

9 feet

Knife Sections

Top-Serrated or Under-Serrated


Narrow Double Swather Gaurd
Optional-Double Prong Swather Guard

– Bar Lift

Tractor Hydraulics (Min 10 GPM)
Lift Spring Assisted

– Break Away

Mechanical Spring Back

– Bar Tilt

Ball Ratchet Jack

– Bar Lead


– Hitch (Trail)

2 inch Diameter 5000lb Ball